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To be successful in todays market, companies need to keep engineers focused on developing differentiated products that stand out from the competition. Unfortunately, engineers report they spend a third of their time on non-value added work and 20% of their time is spent working with outdated information.





Solar Impulse started with a dream: that clean technologies and a pioneering spirit can change the world.

Solar Impulse designed on the Cloud a Solar Aircraft without using a single drop of fuel

“We had to be right the first time. We needed proven, cutting edge industry solutions to craft the experience for which we were looking. That’s why we went to Dassault Systèmes and its 3DEXPERIENCE platform,” said Bertrand Piccard, Initiator, Chairman and Pilot, Solar Impulse. “An experience perspective is exactly what we needed when creating an airplane to achieve such long flights. We’re in the cockpit for five days at a time. Everything, from the propulsion, to the electronics, to the crew facilities needs to be considered, planned, integrated and implemented for such a flight to be successful.”


Elixir Aircraft

“ we don’t have to invest in hardware or administration,” “That’s one employee we don’t have to hire for perhaps €50,000 a year. For a small company like us, that’s a huge percentage of our budget. Using a Cloud platform means all members of a team can work at any time, from any location and that design tools can be accessed on an ad hoc basis, the data is safer on the Cloud and it offers greater collaboration needed. Cloud Computing is helping SMBs to compete globally."

Léopold-Léger CEO & Founder of Elixir Aircraft